Day Two: Run An Epic Bath


This one is a little cliché but there’s a reason. Taking the time to sink into a hot bath surrounded by candles, soft music, and lots of bubbles is the epitome of indulgent relaxation. Day two is about unwinding, and taking a moment to pamper. We would recommend putting on some Sigur Ros and finding those essential oils.

Here’s a little list of essential oils perfect for enhancing all that relaxation:

The super pretty Ylang-Ylang flower

The super pretty Ylang-Ylang flower

Ylang- Ylang

Lavender with its distinctive colouring

Lavender with its distinctive colouring

This beautiful little flower is an active anti-depressant and has mild relaxant affects all combined with a sweet and flowery fragrance is perfect for that happy boost.


Medical research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. This makes it the perfect addition to your soak, to completely let the day’s worries dissipate.



Not just for that cup of Earl Grey you enjoy, bergamot oil is a great mood enhancer and stress reliever. Add a couple of drops to the water and soak away.

This is Day Two of our fourteen day countdown to Valentine’s Day. Follow our instagram for our postings each day with new ideas for a little self love at this time of year.