Travel Guide: Cornwall

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I’ve been going to Cornwall since I was teeny tiny; with family, with friends. Swimming in the freezing Atlantic with bodyboards, or getting blown over on cliff walks, it’s a pretty magical place.

In the late 1800s it was a world leader in tin mining, a driving force behind the industrial revolution, as mines began closing in the 20th century tourism took over. Beautiful sandy beaches, perfect surfing waves and craggy coasts are dotted with cobblestone towns and small inlets. There are single track roads where you are just as likely to come face to face with a horse as with a tractor or ramblers. The landscape is stunning. There are millions of natural textures and colours everywhere, to see and touch.

Millions of people visit this part of the UK every year, including myself. New years spent with great friends in local pubs, the next morning running into the icy water of the ocean before warming up with hot chocolate. It rains, it can be cold, it can have glorious sunshine and perfect blue water and no matter what, it is clean fresh air and beautiful nature. Perfect.