Listening to Love - Our Top Podcasts About Love


These are our top recommendations for lovely, sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspiring podcasts.

Love Stories - Dolly Alderton

Described as the voice of a generation, after her debut novel “Everything I Know About Love’, it’s no surprise that Dolly is the top of our list for all things love related. The second season of her podcast Love Stories has just been released, just in time for the Valentine’s season to warm your heart in this cold weather. In each episode Dolly interviews a celebrity about the different loves they have experienced in their lives that have shaped who they are - think Desert Island Disks but with love instead of songs. Honest and beautiful tales of passionate love, first love and everlasting love that will make you smile, laugh and cry on your commute to work. If nothing else, it will surely make you believe in love and fill your day with long lasting feels.


Millennial Love - Rachel Hosie and Olivia Petter for The Independent

Millennial love, The Independent’s podcast is hosted by two single girls in their 20s - Rachel Hosie and Olivia Petter - discussing dating, relationships and the trials and tribulations of us Millennials trying to find love. With dating apps ruling the game, finding love can be a minefield. This is where Millenial Love comes in to discuss all of our dating issues, that everyone goes through but no one really talks about. A relatable, funny and informative podcast, that feels as comfortable as if you are listening to your friends talk about their dating disasters over a bottle of wine. You will find the answers to all of the questions that we all have but are too scared to ask. If anything it will give you some comfort that you are not alone in being single, being ‘ghosted’ or trying to navigate the scary world of dating.  

Modern Love - Meghna Chakrabarti and Daniel Jones for The New York Times


A podcast taken from The New York Times column of the same name, explores the different relationships and love that are experienced in today’s modern world. A different true story is told each week in the form of an essay read a loud by celebrities, including Olivia Munn and Gillian Anderson. Each real story is beautifully told and pulls you in to the point you are fully invested in each one. You will listen as the story of a young girl whose plan to end up with her childhood best friend unfolds, while rooting for them instead learning that life took them on a different path. Or hearing about the teenage boy who was always labelled as ‘the gay best friend’, only there to fufill the role as the back up date for prom, and finally when he breaks from these imposed tags to  becoming someone’s first choice. This podcast takes you through the highs of childhood crushed to the mother who is navigating the loss of her husband, and how to explain that loss to their child. Making these stories even more impactful and all the more human, the episodes end with the real people behind all of these stories reminding us the unknowable paths our lives can take. 


If I Can Do It - Bryony Gordon for The Telegraph


Our final suggestion is focused on the love that we should show ourselves. A truly inspirational podcast that will remind you of just what you are capable of and the importance of self love. Bryony Gordon helms If I Can Do it, as the author of ‘The Wrong Knickers’ and a recovering addict, she is someone who is to be admired purely for the openness and honesty with which she talks about her struggles. Each week she interviews a celebrity about their previous difficulties and how they overcame them on the road to success. You will be reminded that you are not alone in whatever you are going through, and that loving ourselves enables us to succeed. A brilliantly candid podcast that will motivate and give you that spring in your step that you need to go out and conquer the world.