Get Inspired: Sustainability Podcasts

I always talk about sustainability, and also how overwhelming it all seems. Sometimes it feels easier to just bury our heads and ignore the reality of the climate crisis happening, but sleepwalking into irrevocable changes isn’t an option anymore. So, here are some practical, inspiring, thoughtful podcasts offering interesting conversations to get you thinking about sustainability.

The Minimalists Podcast - Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

I started prescribing to a minimalist lifestyle when I was at university not, at the time, having a name for it. That was until I saw The Minimalists documentary on Netflix and was able to assign my viewpoint a name. Quite simply, minimalism is not just the act of reducing the amount of material things we own, it is living intentionally. For me, more than anything, it was buying clothes with the idea of longevity. This approach simplifies a lot of choices, and actually makes my life easier.

Have a listen to the podcast and maybe introduce some of these techniques into your daily life.


My Ocean Podcast - Ocean Wise

The oceans are rising. The snow caps are melting. And if we do nothing about the rising temperatures large areas of the planet will flood. Causing millions of climate refugees, and affecting some of the poorest nations. Thankfully, there are people who are acting to protect the oceans and all that live in it.

The My Ocean podcast profiles a different person each episode who is focused on doing good and throwing convention to the wind to help the oceans. Have a listen and get some inspiration.


Conscious Chatter Podcast - Kestrel Jenkins

The fashion industry is the second worst polluter in the world. Billions of pieces of clothing end up burned or in landfill. A ban in France, stopping companies burning unused products, is a good start but massive changes to the industry need to happen. Conscious Chatter is a conversation about all the layers of the garment industry, and what we can do as consumers.

This is an important industry that can and needs to make real tangible change, but it’s also a part of all of our lives that we can actively be involved in making consequential improvements.


Low Tox Life - Alexx Stuart

Cleaning products, food and personal care were the catalyst for Alexx Stuart starting her podcast. With so many products and foods on the market, what is best for yourself and your family while also being safe for the planet is a minefield. Finding a trustworthy source of practical information on everything from women’s health to Alzheimers is hard, but Low Tox Life provides this information in an informal non-judgemental way all supported by a thriving social media community and e-courses.